Style Tips for Your Groom

So, the big day is fast approaching, the venue, guestlist is all set as well as your beautiful bridal outfit.

Is your husband-to-be a bit more laid back about organising his grooms outfit than you would ideally like? Or does he just not know where to start?

These top style tips will hopefully give you the ammunition you need to get him to go out and get his grooms outfit ASAP or give him an idea of where to start.

Buying a Suit

Surprisingly, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to buying a wedding suit.

It is best to get measurements done by a professional, this is not something you want to just ignore because some people who try and cut a corner and do not get measured by a professional for their suit, end up having to get expensive alterations made. This costs more time and money than the initial measurement.

It is not enough for your groom to just select a colour of suit that he likes, he has to also take into consideration the wedding colour scheme. This includes the venue and overall wedding theme.

If the wedding is a black tie event, then a brighter coloured suit won’t be appropriate as well as h aving lighter pastel colours in winter setting may not suit the weather.

It is really best to have the groom consult with you or someone who is in charge of the colour scheme before purchasing his suit.

Depending on you and your groom’s preferences, you will have to decide whether your groom and his groomsmen will have matching suits.

Some people like their groom and groomsmen to all have matching suits, or the groom has his own individual distinct suit and the groomsmen all have their own matching suits.

This is up to you and your individual wedding plans, there is no right or wrong choice.


After you and your groom work out all the details about his suit and you have selected the perfect one, it is time to make sure his accessories are amazing too.

One way to personalise your grooms outfit is for him to choose a stylish pocket square. This is a great way for him to add his own personal touch to his wedding outfit.

Mrs Bow Tie have a large range of different colour and style pocket squares to choose from, your groom is sure to find something that he loves.

Another great way for him to add his own personal touch to his outfit is to choose a really great pair of socks.

At The London Sock Company have a wedding sock service where their team of experts help you to choose the perfect pair of socks.

They also offer an embroidery service, if your groom fancies getting his socks personalised for the big day. He could add any personalised embroidered message on his socks that he would like, such as both your names and the wedding date as a keepsake of your big day.

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