How to look and feel good on your big day

Every girl wants to look her best on her big day and the preparations can start months in advance. From growing your hair out to losing some weight, the race is on to beat the clock to achieve your dream look for your wedding day. Don’t put yourself under too much pressure though – it’s important to relax and enjoy the occasion. Here are my top tips for looking and feeling your best on your big day.

Don’t be tempted to try a new hairdo

Don’t wait until the last minute to drastically change your hair from long to short or blonde to brown. Keep your luscious locks looking healthy by having any treatments done a few months before the date so that you have a chance to correct or adapt according to  how you wish. Don’t go crazy dying you hair days before the wedding. Look for inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram to find a hairstyle and look that works for you for your big day. Next, find a reputable hairdresser that you can visit for a consultation to discuss your desired look.

Cyst removal

Depending on the shape and cut of your wedding dress you may have noticeable lumps and bumps on your skin such as moles, cysts or birthmarks showing. Depending on where they are and their formation it may be that you can’t do anything about certain ones. However, the good news is that with cysts some can be professionally removed from areas such as your arm, hip or leg.  It may be that you have always wanted to get rid of an annoying cyst which may pull on clothes or show a bump. You don’t want to be conscious of your cyst when you have on your beautiful wedding dress, so there’s been a better time. Check out Snowberry Lane Clinic who offer effective and non-evasive procedures in cyst removal – it’s done under local anaesthetic and you can expect to go back to your normal lifestyle shortly afterwards. Remember to book in for your consultation and treatment a good few months in advance of your wedding date to allow any scarring to heal.

Keep skin clear

You’ll want your photographs to be memorable and stunning – don’t let old acne scars or pimples ruin your bridal look. Consult your beauty therapist about undergoing a treatment plan of facials and microdermabrasion treatments to combat these issues to leave you with clear, glowing skin for your big day. Microdermabrasion gently buffs the skin with crystals to unveil beautiful smooth skin with a dewy appearance. The more sessions you have the better result will be. You have to protect your skin for 48 hours afterwards though with a good SPF lotion as you will be extra sensitive to the sun and UVA. Shop around for microdermabrasion packages around 10 weeks prior to your wedding dates to schedule in one every two-three weeks for maximum impact and beautifully clear skin.




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