Gift ideas for newly married couples

Usually, weddings have loads of people going to them and you tend to always bring a present. However, with so many people giving the newly wed couple presents it can be a bit hard to come up with something personal. Here’s a bunch of ideas to get the brainstorming going! I hope it helps:


  1. You could get some matching pillowcases – You know, the lovey dovey type? Him and Her sort of thing. Its playful and reminds the couples to never go to bed angry! Get something that not only has a cute message but also feels great to lie on. 
  2. An old school self-inking Rubber Stamp in copper – Very very niche eh! but this could be a really cool idea to give to a new married couple who plan on sending a bunch of thank you notes out! 
  3. Marta Intimate set – Get them some cute heirlooms for the next chapter in their life. 
  4. Something home made – If you’re close to the bride or groom you will know what their into. Something homemade gives it that extra personal touch. Perhaps a custom recipe book with your favorite recipes, a home made blanket or even just something extra personal you can think of!
  5. Get something for the kitchen – A slow cooker, a rice cooker, new dishes, mugs? heck, even a doormat for the back door.
  6. Something with their last name – A last name means a lot to people. Its a big change for the bride so get stuff like luggage tags, door mat, mugs etc etc
  7. Practical things – It might not be the most romantic but practical things will be appreciated too. A tool kit, a piggy bank etc etc. You can even add in a letter saying something like “build your life together”. 
  8. It doesn’t need to be for both of them – Go get each of them a gift thats tailored to them. Show them how much you know each individual. Theres no point in receiving a bunch of gifts you don’t need. You could get the guy a pair of socks, golf gloves, shorts or a shirt. You can get the wife some new candles, some oils, a spa day out etc etc. Check out London Sock Company for mens socks
  9. Flowers – Who doesn’t love flowers? There are so many health benefits to flowers and they look beautiful too! any girl appreciates them so its a great idea. Flower power right? Check out Bloom Magic Flowers and see what they have to offer.
  10. Something they really need – perhaps a gift card to a nice restaurant, a subscription to the movie or even just some money. It’s impersonal but they will need it! weddings and honeymoons are expensive.

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