How to make your guests feel special?

I love weddings! Celebrating with the loved ones is a wonderful time and a reason to make great memories together. But as we all know, there are some weddings we enjoy a lot  when there are some that we feel a bit bored or forgotten. When organizing your own wedding, you definitely want to your guests to have a marvelous time and make them feel special. How to make your reception exceptional?

  1. Break the ice

I know that if there is a venue for 300 people, this is not an easy job. However, it would be good if the guests could get to know each other – and thanks to that, have fun together. This can be arranged by the appropriate seating of guests, the ice braking activities organized by best man and maid of honor or the newly married so that the families and friends can meet each other. If at the very beginning you integrate people, it will be much easier to have fun together during the whole reception and the guests will not have the feeling of alienation.

  1. Not only dancing for fun

Take care of guests who cannot (for age reasons) or just do not like to dance. That is why it is good to provide the guests who do not dance with different entertainment: sweet buffet, photo booth, garden games – there are many possibilities.

  1. Talk with your guests

Too obvious? On the contrary! Many young couples do not have time to talk to their guests. Even at a big wedding, a brief chat would be more than welcome. Just think: your guests often travel a long distance to be there for you, very carefully prepare for the wedding, bring a gift – do you think they do not deserve your time? Why were they invited?

  1. Keep them informed

Will the guests have to wait a little bit for the newly married who are at the photo session? Let them know! Will a cake be given in a moment? Spread the information. Make your guest feel like they know what’s going on and what’s going to happen. Your guests will feel more comfortable if they know what is going on.

  1. Surprise you loved ones

Add a bit of a surprise to your wedding – of course, a positive one! It may be an extra attraction, such as a firework display, it may be an interesting first dance. This will attract the attention of your guests, make them feel special – that “something” was prepared especially for them.

  1. Figure out the accommodation and transport

You do not have to pay everyone for the night in the hotel (especially if you have 300 wedding guests), however  would be nice of you to prepare a list of hotels (preferably with some discounts) or the means of transport to the city centre, in particular when the wedding reception is held at the outskirts. Your guests are adult people and can take care of themselves, but if you take care of them, they will feel just … well received!

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