Best presents for newly married couple

Are you wondering what present should you give on a wedding? There was no official information neither even a little suggestion? I used to get a bit stressed when choosing a wedding present as it is such an important occasion, but few years ago my friend and I have prepared for a list of best wedding present that almost always will be accurate and liked. And not all of them are costly. Have a look.


This is an universal gift. It depends on you how much you put in the envelope. Money is one of the best gifts because newly married know best what are their needs and on what they want to spend it: whether it is a honeymoon or a home renovation, or maybe a new computer. Their decision!


There is probably no person who does not like to drink coffee or tea. Beautifully decorated cups, or those with funny inscriptions (best set), is a gift that will make the bride and groom happy and remind them their wedding. And it will be used by them regularly.

Tourist guides or photo albums

If you know what is groom and maid’s favourite destination, give them beautiful tourist guide which would help to plan their dream trip. Travel album is also a chance to see ad discover places that you have never thought of. This might be a fantastic inspiration for them.

Beautiful wooden box

Keeping jewelry or other things is not easy at all. A gorgeous box made to store the jewelry will be a nice gift that will stay with them for a long time. Also, it can be used to collect cards, souvenir memorabilia and other valuable objects.

Voucher or a gift card

Gift card to IKEA or Debenhams is one of the most desirable gifts for every occasion – even for a wedding! Thanks to this, the couple can buy whatever they need. When choosing a store, try to take into consideration if both, bride and groom, will find something for themselves. The freedom of choice and the rather long term of validity of such cards are a true blessings for newly married. They will remember your gift even long after the wedding!

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