5 things you should check about the wedding hall

You know what to look for in the first place when choosing a place for a wedding reception. The size of the room has to be fitted to the number of guests, the distance from the church to the reception cannot be too long, the quality of the food served, there should be a possibility to stay for a night and of course the price.

But there are still a few elements that we do not often think about and may be of a great significance! What should be the perfect wedding hall like? Please pay attention to details!

The surrounding

The fact that the wedding hall looks beautiful in pictures is evident.

However, look around. Because after leaving the hall, we can have a beautiful and well-maintained garden perfect for a walk, as well as petrol station, expressway, bushes or ponds that are a mosquito habitat. It is really worth paying attention to this, because the wedding is not held exclusively in the hall. Surely guests will go out for a cigarette, talk on the phone or just ventilate. It would be nice if also the outdoors is appealing. Especially in the summer.


Nice if there is a parking and has the capacity to fit all cars arriving on the day of the wedding. This is not so obvious, because many restaurants in the centre of big cities do not have a parking, which forces the guests to walk long distances to get to the venue. If we have a lot to park the car, it is good if the place was adequately lit to avoid looking for the vehicle in the darkness.


It is recommended to be able to freely arrange the space in the wedding hall – add decorations and decide on the arrangement of tables and chairs. It is therefore good to find out in advance which elements are permanent, which can be removed and what type of tables have a hall. If there are only round banquet tables, we can forget about putting the tables together to make a long row.

Availability of the hall before the reception

Preparation for the reception requires a lot of time. The fact that the place of the reception will be available the day before the wedding is known. Question is at what time. If events take place here day after day, maybe there will not be much time for interior design? You need to know it before signing the contract.

Hidden costs

You all have probably heard about corkage fee. But the list of additional charges can be much longer. The most absurd I have ever heard is the charge for the use of air conditioning, which was for free only for the first 2 hours. There are also a waiter service charge, a washing up, a refundable deposit for possible damage. Or course, not in every restaurant you will happen with those kind of costs. Just be careful when signing the contract. Ask first about all the possibilities.

Choosing a place for a wedding is not easy. This is one of the difficult decisions that must be made wisely at the beginning of the preparation. With our tips it should be easier. Good luck!

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